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Pregnant Mannequin


PI LP001

After four years of radio silence from their critically recived 2014 debut album, The Mistys resurface with Pregnant Mannequin, a collection strategically created content for a world in need of answers.

Using 'poptimism' as a guide, Pregnant Manequin refrences all your fave pop archetypes, runs them through a recombinant filer and offers up a new future of subversive pop music.

Elements from post-punk, neue wave, ambient and art pop are obscured under layers of reverb and delay. Melodies are abstracted, beats are distant and the vocal burrows its way passed your subconscious blocks, the whole really is a bigger more powerful message than its parts. The hooks are there and have been designed to stay with you long after the record has stopped spinning.

Four years is an abrupt brake from a first album. They return with a maturity of sound, working the synths, sequences, drum machines, tape heads and vocal chords to present a more focused version of the duo. 'Bite Marks' beacons you softy into the distant pop world, before you are absorbed into the darker 'Womb'. VHS-Hiss surrounds you in the questioning 'Heat Death' while the lush mutant ballad 'Celluloid Skin' offers a view of brighter skies to come. The albums closes with the sound rushing away from you in 'Metabolisms' leaving a merry melody in your heart and on your lips.

Recorded, torn apart, re-arranged, collaged and re-collated over an extended incubation The Mistys' present their multiplexing hybrid-pop as a statement of hope for a brighter future.

Bundle Edition includes the CD EP Surrogates [PI EP001]. Limited to 100 copies.

Maximum 2 copies per order.


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